JAE's facial recognition temperature measurement device is suitable for every workplace

Release Time:2021-03-22

Many business leaders and facility managers have felt the pain and cost of shutdowns or the feeling of responsibility toward ailing employees and family members–all due to contagious illness. Globally we’ve all felt the impact of facility shutdowns to our supply chain and to our daily life. An undetected contagious employee in a mill on a Tuesday means a possible facility shutdown by Thursday and a toilet paper shortage the following month. 画板备份 39.png

Business leaders strive for operational excellence and business continuity–and employee health and safety is the foundation. By reducing the risk of contagious illness spread, leaders can protect their employees and their businesses and deliver peace of mind to all stakeholders. 

JAE's facial recognition temperature measurement device is suitable for use in nursing homes, schools, factories, warehouses, access gates, office buildings, hair salons, and hospitals to stop the spread of contagious illness and promote a healthy work environment.

temperature Screening Kiosk With Facial Recognition


Automated Temperature Screening

+/- 0.9°F accuracy and contact-free

Face recognition pass speed in 1 second

Free for software

access control Integration

Data Storage Planning and Security