Medición de la temperatura de la muñeca con reconocimiento facial

Model: D723

Function:Wrist temperature measurement
Description:Clock in machine for measuring body temperature, Accurate temperature measurement + face verification + access control and attendance management + mask recognition
Features:Infrared Thermometer, non contact thermometer, temperature kiosk, Temperature Screening


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8 inch Body Temperature & Facial Recognition Touchless Kiosk

Core functions

Face verification:Binocular bioassay anti-counterfeiting function to prevent deception through photos, videos, etc.

Access control linkage:Automatically open the barrier gate after face capturing, comparing, temperature measurement and mask detection are normal

Attendance statistics:Face, body temperature and clocking-in can be seen instantaneously and the work attendance is automatically counted

Visitor reservation:The creation of blacklist and whitelist and the face swiping to pass through to improve visitor experience

Support card/ID card swiping:Support face swiping and card swiping (ID card and IC card) multiple authentication methods to satisfy different demands

Record tracing:Face records are automatically saved for the secondary screening and check of persons

Data analysis:Reports are automatically generated and third-party platform can be accessed to complete data summarization

Long-distance temperature measurement:Non-contact and 0.5m long-distance temperature measurement

Mask identification:AI+infrared thermal imaging to achieve accurate temperature measurement with marks worn

Abnormal alarm:Voice alarm when normal threshold is exceeded

Accurate epidemic prevention helped by technology

D723 face recognition, temperature measurement, access control and checking-in all-in-one machine can replace the fingerprint attendance to reduce the contact transmission, achieve the functions of face temperature measurement and clocking-in, and automatically generate statistics reports to improve management efficiency. Meanwhile, all face records will be automatically saved to facilitate the secondary screening and check of person

Back-stage management system

Support the face comparison library with 22,400 photos and 100,000 face recognition records, and store all face, temperature, passing and attendance records of all persons in real time to facilitate query and tracking

Product functions

Non-contact automatic temperature measurement, face swiping and high precision infrared body temperature collection, fast and efficient

IP65 dustproof and waterproof

Support binocular bioassay

Support one-way Wiegand input or Wiegand output

Stable operation in the environment from -20°C to +60°C for a long time

Linux operating system with better stability

Mean time between failures (MTBF) >50,000 H

Temperature measurement range is 30-45 °C and accuracy is ±0.3 °C

Support the face comparison library with 22,400 photos and 100,000 face recognition records

Independent face recognition algorithm to accurately recognize faces, face recognition time < 300ms

Automatic information register and record to avoid manual operation, improve efficiency and reduce drain message;

Support electronic voice broadcast (normal or high body temperature alarm and face recognition verification results)

Support person movement tracking exposure under the strong backlight environment and support the wide dynamic range of machine vision optics of no less than 80dB

Support light passing through fog, 3D noise reduction, strong light inhibition, electronic anti-shake, and have multiple white balance modes, suitable for the demand of various scenes

D723 face recognition, temperature measurement, access control and checking-in all-in-one machine can be widely applied in government office buildings, business office buildings, industrial parks, hospitals, schools, construction sites, buses, airports, prisons and other scenes for quick temperature screening and high precision personnel identification

Product number: iHM42jy-2T08-T6-EN、iHM42jy-2T08-T5-EN、svms2000、iHM43-2T07-T5-EN、iHM42-2T08-T5-EN、iHM42-2T08-T4-EN、sVMS2000、Intelligent Face Real-Name Personnel Access Management System、Face Gaming Platform

Face recognition thermometer, Features:Infrared Thermometer, non contact thermometer

Dynamic Face Recognition Wrist Temperature MeasurementSupport 10,000 face matching libraryProduct real picture display、Positive display、Side show、Back displayVarious InterfacesProduct structureApplication scenariso: School, Construction site, Office building, Factory


Face recognition wrist temperature measurement Specifications

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